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  • Fiesta Bundle

    $45.99 Add to cart

    3 lbs carne asada
    2 lbs pollo asada

    2 lbs diced beef for street tacos

    Freezer wrapped

  • Weekday Bundle

    $54.99 Add to cart
    • 2 lbs ground beef
      2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breast
      2 lbs pork chops
      1 lb bacon
      1 lb shrimp
  • Chuck Bundle

    $69.99 Add to cart

    5 lbs Ground Chuck

    3 lbs Chuck Roast

    2 lbs Chuck Steak

  • Round Bundle

    $79.99 Add to cart

    5 lbs Ground Round

    3 lb Rump Roast

    2 lbs Cube Steak

    2 lbs Lean Stew Meat

  • Prime Grade Bundle

    $189.99 Add to cart

    4-12oz Prime Grade Ribeye Steaks
    4- 12oz Prime Grade New York Steaks

    4-8oz Prime Grade top sirloin steaks
    1lb Wild Caught Shrimp